Bay Township Charlevoix County

Bay Township is located in Charlevoix County between Lake Charlevoix and Walloon Lake within an imaginary triangle formed by the cities of Boyne City, Charlevoix, and Petoskey.

Within Bay Township there are 3.4 square miles of surface water area, and 15.5 square miles of land surface area. Bay Township is rural and striking in it’s natural beauty, with extensive environmental resources including: extensive upland hardwood and coniferous forests; one of Michigan’s largest and most well-know lakes–Lake Charlevoix; and one of Michigan’s deepest, most pristine inland lakes–Walloon Lake; as well as diverse wildlife habitat; rolling hills and meadows; wetlands; and productive farmland. These natural resources contribute to a magnificent, mostly rural setting for people to live, work, and recreate within the Township. The close proximity of Bay Township to Lake Michigan, and the extensive shorelines of both Lake Charlevoix (2.25 miles) and Walloon Lake (7.5 miles) within township boundaries are natural attractions to those who enjoy water-based recreation, and seasonal or permanent residence.





Bay Township Master Plan Update

Purpose and Planning Process
The Bay township Master Plan embodies a community vision and identifies planning goals to direct the future of Bay Township.  Similar to a good “road-map”, this Master Plan defines a preferred direction, outlining what the residents want the Township to be in the future – and how to get there.


The Bay Township Master Plan provides guidelines for future development, while protecting the natural resources and rural character of the Township. This plan presents extensive background information including socio-economic data on the Township; description and mapping of natural resources and existing land uses; and inventory of existing community facilities

2019 Draft Master Plan 

The Township Board on December 12, 2019 approved distribution of the draft master plan for the 63-day public comment period. You can submit your comments on the form below.